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The Endless Trip

The Endless Trip 
They came. They surfed. They drove. They grilled. They chilled. And then they made this. The Endless Trip zine by Claire Murphy 
But it’s also kind of your enemy. It blows hard from the Northeast and creates surf-able waves on the island’s coast every day, all winter. However, the wind is also capable of tearing those waves into absolute shit. As a result, you end up chasing it around the island, trying to find exactly the right spot, at exactly the right moment, and slide into a session you won’t soon forget. It’s easy to fall into a rhythm, living every day according to the elements, and letting the weeks slip away. 
In other words, it’s the perfect place to take an Endless Trip — which is exactly what Noah Collins, Rolo Montes, Jody Allen, Claire Murphy and Hunter Martinez did. 
Puerto Rico is Rolo’s home, so they packed into his aging, semi-reliable Toyota 4Runner and set out to experience the island until the wheels — maybe literally — fall off. They got plenty of fun waves, often having lineups to themselves. Eventually, of course, they stumbled upon the waves they came for.
They also learned that when things don’t quite work out in the surf, you can always hit the skatepark, or a waterfall, or shape some boards, or have a bonfire on the beach, or grab some beers and go for a picnic in the rainforest. Why not?
All up, the crew spent countless days in Puerto Rico. But, like any good trip, the goal is to take the experience with you and carry it forward. Endlessly.
Or at least until you go back.