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Made Better | Recycled Textile Waste

Made Better is our commitment to creating less harmful products for our planet. We’re doing our best to improve each year with what we have learned and using new technologies to keep our carbon footprint ever shrinking. Current Made Better initiatives include using recycled materials, organic cotton, and natural dyes within our collection, our newest offering of recycled textile waste is the latest within our line. Recycled textile waste is a process that repurposes production scraps, retired textile waste and is made to be recycled easier. A step closer to circular manufacturing


Watch to learn more about our latest addition of recycled textile waste process.


What do we mean by circular manufacturing?

Think of it as a continuous loop that reduces waste by recycling textile waste, used clothing, and other materials?

Here’s a quick overview of the process 

1. Collect

Re-purposed production scraps and retired textile waste is collected by manufacturers.

2. Clean

These offcuts and recycled garments are cleaned, sanitized and sorted by color.

3. Shred

The sanitized waste is shredded by a depolymerization process.

4. Pellet

Shredded material transformed into polyester pellets via a heat process.

5. Extrude

An extrusion process transforms the polyester pellets into yarn.

6. Weave

The yarn is woven into a high 100% polyester ottoman fabric.

7. Made

The fabric is re-made into Quiksilver gear that can be recycled again and again.


Now for the primo part.

This high-quality fabric is remade into Quiksilver gear that can be recycled over and over—our path toward circular manufacturing.

You’ll find this recycled fabric in our Made Better tees, fleece, hoodies, boardshorts, and surf and snow gear, which means you’ll also find it being worn in the waves and mountains that circular manufacturing aims to help protect.